Wanderlust Yoga Festival ~ Speakeasy Sessions

I am continuing with my series of posts about the Wanderlust Tremblant Yoga Festival I attended last month. I wrote about the Yoga and Meditation classes here. 

Tremblant Village 

In this blog post, I am sharing with you my thoughts about the Speakeasys I attended. Speakeasy sessions are similar to a seminar, with a presentation by one speaker followed by a Q & A time. 

Turn Pain into Power by Kat Trimarco

I attended a Speakeasy talk "Turn Pain into Power" by Kat Trimarco, after the meditation class. It was a last minute change from our schedule by the organizers and Shawn decided to not attend. It was informative and interesting with a good message. What I got from it was that every pain is a potential for growth and to live in a more authentic way. 

Own Your Orgasm by Dr. Carlen 

This Speakeasy was my favourite. Dr Carlen is inspiring, informative, and so approachable. Own Your Orgasm was an empowering session. Dr Carlen encouraged us to learn the language of our own bodies, to explore what feels good, because if we don't know what we like on our own by pleasuring ourselves, how can we learn what feels good with a partner? She also talked about being respectful and gentle to ourselves. There is power in pleasure and we should own it. The Q&A part at the end was great too. 

Shawn and I went to the Detoxification by David Wolfe. There was a lot of information over one hour and I found it more difficult to jot down notes with his style of speaking. He is very interesting man but I can't say I enjoyed listening to him, he jumped from one topic to a next. Still, his talk peaked my curiosity about charcoal, chaga mushrooms, and eating choices by colours.

Sacred Sex by Dr. Carlen was the very last workshop Shawn and I attended on Sunday afternoon, the last session that closed the Wanderlust Festival. Another great Speakeasy with Dr. Carlen. "Our bodies were given the gift of intimacy to recharge our energy" I love that! She talked a lot about the divine feminine and divine masculine. We also learned about feelings and mindful love. It was truly a great workshop and I wish I could listen to her talk a lot longer about love, pleasure, relationships, intimacy...Check out her website here for information and events she will be speaking at. 

The Speakeasy sessions were great. I do wish they were a bit longer, still it was a great introduction to certain topics and an invitation to learn more, open our minds, and try new things! 

If you are interested in the Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, you can find more info and where the next ones will be here. 

Stay tuned for my other Wanderlust Tremblant posts ♥