Come Find Me at My New Blog!

Hello Friends!

So much has happened since we stopped homeschooling that I felt it was time to move on to a new blogging platform. I went from being a full time stay at home- home educating mom of 3 to an almost full time working mom who attends school! Two of my children are now adults and Celeste is almost fourteen years old! Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it?!

I searched for a while for a free blog site that would be user friendly and could expand to more. So far, Wix has been a nice website builder that includes a blog section. I feel that this will give me space to grow.

I have been writing a few blog posts there about my thoughts and experiences with Yoga Teacher Training, which started for me early January.

All the archives of this blog are still accessible here and also on the new website! Life On Island will stay open as long as blogger stays open. All the previous  Exploring Prince Edward Island posts are still accessible to read, these are my personal favourites! I plan on continuing to write about Prince Edward Island, traveling, vegetarian food, books, etc...all the things I love on the new website from now on, so please come follow me there!

Thank you for following our adventures here and hopefully in my new spot:

Alex DK Yoga