52 Weeks of Mail 2014

Would you like to join me? It's very informal. The challenge is to send your friends and family a hand written letter once a week for a year. There is a facebook page but it hasn't been very busy lately. This is more of an individual project. 

I started again the challenge at the start of 2014. I did the same challenge in 2013, you can see my list and photos here

I kept track here on my blog throughout the year of the letters sent and to who they were traveling to.  You can see the list below with some photos. 

Week One: Thank you letters from my children to their great aunt Diane. 

Week Two: Thank you note card to my Aunt Dorice, letter to Littleton, CO, letter to Langley, BC. 

Week Three: letter to Farmington, NM.

Week Four: letter to Windsor, Ontario.

Week Five: letter to my mother, Menton, France and Celeste sent a letter to her pen pal in California.

Week Six: letter to Littleton, CO. 

Week Seven: package to Edmundston, NB. 

Week Nine: two letters to Windsor, ON; letter to Marshfield, PE.

Week Ten: package to Gainesville, Florida, USA; letter to Campbellville, Ontario. 

Week Eleven: package to Boutiliers, Nova Scotia. 

Week Twelve: package to Littleton, CO. 

Week Thirteen: Celeste letter to her friend, Marshfield, PE. 

Week Fourteen: letter to Windsor, Ontario.

Week Sixteen: postcard to Stoney Point, Ontario; postcard to Germany. 

Week Seventeen: letter to St-Mitre Les Remparts, France. 

Week Eighteen: letter to Fenelon Falls, Ontario; letter to Marshfield, PE; Celeste letter to her friends, Marshfield, PE. 

Week Nineteen: thank you note to Charlottetown, PEI

Week Twenty-One: letter to La Mirada, California USA; letter to Wheatley, Ontario; letter to Menton, France. Celeste: letter to her pen pal in California. 

Week Twenty-Two: letter to Winnipeg, Manitoba ; Celeste letter to Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Week Twenty-Three: letter to Silsbee, Texas, USA and package/letter to West Chester, Ohio, USA. 

Week Twenty-Five: letter to Calgary, Alberta.

Week Twenty-Six: letter to Littleton, Colorado, USA.

Week Twenty-Seven: package to Silsbee, Texas, USA; Celeste letter to Redding, California, USA; Adrienne letter to Barrie, Ontario. 

Week Twenty-Eight: package to Tecumseh, Ontario. 

Week Twenty-Nine: two packages to Oromocto, New Brunswick (cadet camp!)

Week Thirty: two packages to Oromocto, New Brunswick; letter to Edmundston, NB; letter to La Mirada, California, USA; letter to Calgary, AB (also included two letters from Celeste to her pen pals); postcard to Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia. 

Week Thirty-One: three letters to Marshfield, PE (one of those from Celeste). 

Week Thirty-Two: letter to Espoo, Finland; postcard to Innisfil, Ontario; card to Tecumseh, Ontario; postcard to New Jersey from Celeste (for postcard swap). 

Week Thirty-Seven: letter to Menton, France; Celeste postcard to Coldwater, Ontario, two letters to Marshfield, PE. 

Week Fourty-Two: letter to Menton, France; letter to Lindsay, Ontario; letter to St-Mitre-les-Remparts, France.

Week Fourty-Three: letter to Windsor, Ontario. 

Week Fourty-Four: letter to Coldwater, Ontario; letters to Calgary, Alberta. 

Week Fourty-Five: package to St-Mitre-les-Remparts, France. 

Week Fourty-Seven: letter to La Mirada, California. 

Week Fifty: 13 holiday cards sent to friends and family! 

Week Fifty-Two: letter to Windsor, Ontario and large envelope to St-Mitre-les-Remparts, France. 


  1. I am loving this idea, but again, I am a bit of a stationery/paper freak, so no surprise! In fact I blog about the lost art of letter writing. I would love to feature this initiative on the blog. I just 'liked' the FB page (from ritewhileucan), do you maintain it? I follow you via twitter from @ritewhileucan

  2. I loved seeing all of the things you sent last year.
    I am already off to a good start with a care package sent last week & a little something for this week ready to go.
    Once a week is a good goal. I am going to try!
    Thanks for this reminder!


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