Snail Mail All Year Challenge 2015

Updated January 4, 2016: Challenge completed with 62 letters sent! The Facebook group is now closed. 

I am continuing the challenge of writing and sending one letter or card each week of the year to friends and family. If you are interested, you can view my previous challenges posts here: 2014, and 2013.

The facebook group I had previously linked to in my 52 weeks of mail posts has not been active since June 2013. I have decided to create a facebook page to inspire and share ideas about continuing the tradition of "snail mail". The facebook page can be found under the name "Snail Mail All Year" or by visiting this link.  

Here is the description for the Snail Mail All Year page: 

A community page to encourage and inspire everyone to start or continue the art of writing letters and cards ("snail mail") to friends and loved ones, all year long.
Sending a simple note to just say hello brightens the day of the person who receives it, with minimal cost to the sender!
Also home to the "Snail Mail All Year" Challenge: Take the challenge of writing a letter once a week in 2015. The idea for this project is to write to whomever you want, family and friends, as a way to stay connected in a more personal way.

The challenge is simple, write a quick note or a letter to a friend or a family member. Children can join you if you like, it's a wonderful and gentle way to practice writing. Friends and family members, everyone, enjoys receiving a friendly surprise in their mailbox. Too often now, our mailboxes only receive bills or junk mail! 

One last thought I would like to share with you is to not expect any letters in return. 
If a letter comes in return, it will be a wonderful surprise but explain this to your children if they are sending letters as well. It can be discouraging to send letters and not get any back, but truly this is about sending happiness and brightening someone's day. The focus should be in the giving, not in waiting for something in return. 

I will be using this page to keep track of letters I send, as well as Celeste's. 

If you like to take the challenge, and share your progress on social media, you can use the hashtag "snailmailallyear". I would love to see your letters! 

Week One: letter to my mother, Menton, France. 

Week Two: card to Calgary, Alberta; card to Marshfield, Prince Edward Island. 

Week Three: letter to West Yorkshire, England *new pen pal for me!

Week Four: letter to Windsor, Ontario; letter to La Mirada, California USA; letter to Summerside, PEI. 

Week Five: thank you card to Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA. 

Week Six: two letters to Graham, West Virginia, USA; letter to Espoo, Finland

Week Seven: letters to Calgary, Alberta; letters to Marshfield, Prince Edward Island. 

Week Eight: letter to West Yorkshire, England; letter to Summerside, PEI; letter from Celeste to her pen pal in California. 

Week Nine: letter to Wheatley, Ontario; letters to Winnipeg, Manitoba (from Celeste to her pen pals, and one from me for their mother!); letter to Windsor, Ontario.

Week Ten: letter to Gainesville, Florida; letter to Tecumseh, Ontario. 

Week Twelve: letter to Windsor, Ontario; letter from Celeste to Coldwater, Ontario. 

Week Fourteen: letter to Tecumseh, Ontario; 2 letters to Marshfield, PE; 3 letters to Calgary, AB. 

Week Eighteen: letter to Summerside, PEI; letter to Marshfield, PEI.

Week Nineteen: Celeste letter to her pen pal in California. 

Week Twenty: letter to Gainesville, Florida, USA; letter to Windsor, Ontario; letter to Charlottetown, PEI. 

Week Twenty-One: two letters to Marshfield, PEI; letter to Tecumseh, Ontario; letter to Gainesville, Florida; Celeste sent letters to Marshfield, PEI and Charlottetown, PEI.

Week Twenty-Three: Celeste letter to her Nana in Ontario; card to Menton, France.

Week Twenty-Seven: letter to Calgary, Alberta; letter to Windsor, Ontario.

Week Thirty: letter to Menton, France; letters to Marshfield, PEI.

Week Thirty-One: letter to Marshfield, PEI.

Week Thirty-Three: letter to Tecumseh, Ontario.

Week Forty: letter to Lindsay, Ontario.

Week Forty-Six: letter to Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia. 

Week Fifty: 9 Holiday cards sent. 


  1. I love your idea and am going to write about it on my blog great idea! Thanks!

  2. Can I please use your Snail Mail All Year photo to link back to this post of your blog?

  3. What a wonderful idea - I'm going to give it a try! :)

  4. I love this idea! My husband is RCMP and we are being transferred to Haida Gwaii, to Masset BC in a few months (well, as soon as we can sell our house). 8 hour ferry ride from the mainland and 24 hour trip so we won't be seeing our family much at all.

    We are going to try to do this, a great way for the kids to connect! PEI looks beeautiful, I can't wait to live on the island and share my pics of beautiful Masset!
    Rebecca @ Hip Homeschooling

  5. I love this idea. How did you find a pen pal for yourself and your daughter?

  6. I love this idea. I moved away from home about 5 years ago and I think it's just brilliant. I'm going to start up after Halloween (too much decorating and costumer making to do).

  7. This is awesome and so up my alley. While I love sending mail to loved ones, there is a huge population who would love to get mail and who is often forgotten: people behind bars. There are several websites dedicated to connecting pen pals with prisoners:,, and being just a few. People in jail and prison have made mistakes in their lives, but are still people who crave communication with the outside world. If you're looking for pen pals, consider writing some of these folks. It is very rewarding and can truly help keep someone's spirits up in a very depressing place.


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