52 Weeks of Mail 2013

UPDATE {November 19, 2013}

The challenge is now over and I sent 59 letters over the 52 weeks. Some weeks I didn't send anything, but others I sent more than one. I also included a few sent by Celeste to her pen pals. 

I do love writing personal letters and sending them. I also love receiving letters back! For a while, it was a constant flow in my mailbox and that was wonderful. It slowed down, life does get busy and I understand that. 

I will start the challenge again, at the start of the new year with a goal of sending one letter a week or at least a total of 52 letters in the year. 

Would you like to join me? It's very informal, the challenge is to send your friends and family a hand written letter once a week for a year. There is a facebook page but it hasn't been very busy lately. This is more of an individual project. 

I kept track here on my blog throughout the year of the letters sent and to who they were traveling to.  You can see the list below with some photos. 

We joined this challenge for the first time this year. I didn't know about it last year. The official start date this year was October 7, 2012. 

The challenge is to write a note or letter every week to friends or family members. 

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Here is a recap of where I sent each letter, by week: 

Week One: two letters: one to Tracie, La Mirada, California, USA & one to Tammy, New Lowell, Ontario.

Week Two: two letters: one to my mother-in-law, Fenelon Falls, Ontario, one to Rachel, St-Mitre-les-Remparts, France. 

Week Three: my aunt Dorice, East Garafraxa, Ontario.

Week Four: Redding, California (Geneva, Celeste's penpal).

Week Five: Audrey, Windsor, Ontario

Week Six: Neely, Stoney Point, Ontario

Week Seven: Rachel, St-Mitre-les-Remparts, France 

Week Eight: my mother, Menton, France 

Week Nine: Tine, Copenhagen, Denmark, and a postcard to St. Petersburg, Russia (through Postcrossing)

Week Ten: North Pole (Celeste's letter to Santa Claus!), a letter to Tracie, La Mirada, California, USA, and Redding, California, USA (Geneva, Celeste's penpal).

Week Eleven & Twelve: Audrey, Windsor, Ontario and Stephanie, Silsbee, Texas, USA. Small package to my mother-in-law, Fenelon Falls, Ontario. (forgot to take photos of these!)

Week Thirteen: Tricia, Waterloo, Ontario (forgot again to take a photo again!)

Week Fourteen: Audrey, Windsor, Ontario and Tracie, La Mirada, California, USA. 

Week Fifteen: Rachel, St-Mitre les Remparts, France. 

Week Sixteen: Laura, Edmundston, New Brunswick.

Week Seventeen: Sarah, Burlington, Ontario and Tracie, La Mirada, California, USA.

Week Eighteen: Laurie, Innisfil, Ontario.

Week Nineteen: Sarah, Gainesville, Florida, USA. 

Week Twenty: Stoney Point, Ontario and Windsor, Ontario

Week Twenty-One: Minsk, Belarus (Postcrossing project)

Week Twenty-Two: Sarah, Gainesville, Florida, USA.

Week Twenty-Three: no letters sent.

Week Twenty-Four: Rachel, St-Mitre les Remparts, France and Laurie, Innisfil, Ontario. Celeste sent a letter to her pen pal in California, USA. 

Week Twenty-Five: Postcards for Postcrossing project: Hannover, Germany; Moscow, Russia; Waddinxveen, Netherlands; Uman, Ukraine. 

Week Twenty Six: my mother, Menton, France.

Week Twenty Seven: Sue, Morton, Illinois USA; two letters from Celeste to her pen pals: Clara, PEI; Geneva, California, USA. 

Week Twenty-Eight & Twenty-Nine: no letters sent.

Week Thirty: Thank you letter to her great-grandma from Celeste: Ft-Lauderdale, Florida, USA. 

Week Thirty-One: Sue, Morton, Illinois USA; Audrey, Windsor, Ontario.

Week Thirty-Two: no letters sent

Week Thirty-Three: Mother's Day card to my mother, Menton, France.

Week Thirty-Four: Amanda, Laille, France; Rachel, St-Mitre les Remparts, France; my mother, Menton, France.

Week Thirty-Five to Forty-One: no letters sent.

Week Forty-Two: Adrienne, Camp in New Brunswick; Celeste sent letter to her pen pal in California; card to Stoney Point, Ontario.

Week Forty-Three: package to my mother, Menton, France. Letter with recipes to Tammy, New Lowell, Ontario.

Week Forty-Four: no letters sent.

Week Forty-Five: birthday cards to two cousins in Windsor, Ontario.

Week Forty-Six to Fifty: no letters sent.

Week Fifty-One: my mother, Menton, France. Sarah, Gainesville, Florida, USA, my mother-in-law, Fenelon Falls, Ontario. 

Total : 59 letters. 


  1. oh wow, how did I not come upon this before. I love the idea of this challenge. So cool my friend. I love to see the letter there you sent me with your pretty doodle flower.

  2. I loved getting my letter! Snail mail is my weakness. :)

  3. Alex, As I was pulling together my planner for this year and making some goals...I thought of you and this project. I am going to start this week and start with sending at least one real piece of mail each week. Thanks for sharing your letters and encouraging all of us to pull out pen and paper. I would love to exchange letters at some point this year...shoot me an email with our mailing address. harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com

  4. I love the idea of a tab to keep track of progress!! :)

  5. Seeing all those cards... All that real mail... Made me weak in the knees! So very good. You have inspired me to send out those New Mexico post cards that have been so patiently waiting! Thanks for posting the update!

  6. another very cool idea. i think my little guys would like this. after visiting the post office the other day, they have been asking to send mail to someone!


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