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Life on Island is a lifestyle blog. It is merged with my old homeschool blog  Canadian Home Learning

I love to write about my adventures in exploring (especially Prince Edward Island!), reading, vegetarian & vegan cooking, nature study, quilting, homeschooling, and more!  

I have been married since 1996 to Shawn and we have three children, Adrienne, Andre, and Celeste. 

I homeschooled my children for a total of 11 years. Celeste, the youngest will be starting public school in junior high, grade seven, in the fall of 2016. She was homeschooled since kindergarden. Her big brother Andre homeschooled from grade 1 to 10, with 2 years spent in public school in between (grades 4 and 8). He re-entered public school in grade 10 for senior high. He will be in grade 11 in the fall of 2016. Adrienne, our oldest daughter, started homeschooling in grade 3. She also attended public school for one year in the middle, for grade 6. She then continued homeschooling until grade 10 when she attended the local senior high school. She graduated and is now living on her own, working full time. 

I enjoyed learning along with my children during our homeschool  years, and continue to learn on my own. It is like a learning renaissance. 

Every post is written and edited by me and reflects my own opinion. All photographs are by me, unless otherwise stated. All photos and text are copyright protected. Please contact me if you would like to use any photos or text from this blog. 

May 2016

You can contact me via:

- Twitter at @lifeonisland

- Facebook page: Life on Island 

- e-mail: alexdk@live.ca or alexandradk3@gmail.com

or you can leave a comment on any blog post.

- Pinterest at Alex Dk. 

- Instagram at lifeonisland and lifeonislandstudio.

Periscope and many of the old broadcasts can be found on my YouTube channel. 

*the following 2 sections are work in progress as I compile past work!

Featured In: 

5 P.E.I. Blogs to Read Now ~  February 5, 2017 CBC News PEI 

CBC Instagram Takeover ~ July 13, 2016

Speaker and Workshop Leader at the 2016 Brave Writer Retreat 

Guest speaker for local homeschool group (Brave Writer Lifestyle - Nature Appreciation) 

CBC Compass PEI July 8, 2015 (around the 20:00 minute mark) 

CBC News Prince Edward Island "Colouring Books for Adults A New Way to Relieve Stress"

Featured in several monthly Handbook of Nature Study newsletters

Regular contributor to the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team 

"Living, learning and blogging on P.E.I."  ~  Living section of The Guardian

Homeschool Spotlight: Alexandra ~ The Canadian Homeschooler

Photographs featured In (sharing only active links):

PEI Tourism Instagram account: February 2017

CBC PEI Instagram account: February 2017, February 2017

Easy-Macro Instagram account: 

Michigan State University Extension: Researchers are asking for your help collecting deceased Mudpuppies in Michigan (photo of dead mudpuppy) April 11, 2014.

Brave Writer website, banner (photo of poetry tea time) 

Point Pleasant 1774 by John F. Winkler (photo of Alexander McKee's telescope at Fort Walden, Ontario)

Thank you for visiting! 
Alexandra Dekerf. 


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    I happened upon your blog because of your support of young writers. I would like to invite you and your children to my social network: Writers, Agents and Editors Network.www.WAENet.com We have recently created a group for young writers. It is for middle school and up. We are including young writers along with our thousands of adult members because we want them to learn about publishing along with the craft of writing. We also want to encourage the many new voices. Registration is free. You can post your blogs there as well or a link to them in your personal profile. Hope to see you there, Deborah Herman

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