Friday, September 12, 2014

Documented Life Project ~ Weeks 36 & 37

Week 37 of the Documented Life Project asked us to use a white pen on our page. I didn't have so visited Michael's and picked up an inexpensive white gel pen. I did a quick acrylic background. I then added a quote and some doodles with the white pen. 

Week 36 was a simple prompt "black and white"! I photocopied a favourite Studio Ghibli postcard and added it to the background I had painted and rubbed with newspapers. I added a little black and white washi tape to finish the page. 

Still enjoying this project so so much. Check out this page for all the prompts, and if you would like to see my previous pages click here. 

Our Back to Homeschool Week!

Back to Homeschool...Or as some say "not-back-to-school" week! 

This past week, Celeste and I started our homeschool year. My teens started back last Thursday at the local senior high school and we enjoyed the last days of Nana's visit on Thursday and Friday. 

Monday was "back to the books" and the routine. We had a great first week, with just a little drama! We met with homeschool friends on Monday afternoon and again on Wednesday afternoon at the beach. 

I share photos on instagram pretty much every day, so I made a mosaic to share here with several snapshots from our week. A bit more details about each photo can be found below the mosaic. 

From the top left, going clockwise on the edge: 

*Celeste reading aloud to me from "The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: the Mysterious Howling" by Maryrose Wood. This is the book we are reading this month for Brave Writer Arrow. We both love it so far and just finished the sixth chapter. 

*Celeste making herself a second shoe, the Middle Ages way! She is wearing the first one in the photo. We also made a black wig with braids. She is wearing it under the scarf. She loved both projects & kept saying how cool they were. Fashion and history is a great combination for both of us! We are using the Pandia Press History Odyssey curriculum this year. 

*Getting her "flat stanley" ready for mailing, after colouring them. We are taking part in an exchange with a facebook secular homeschool families group. Her Fluttershy is going to New York State, and Rainbow Dash to Texas. We will be hosting two soon! It should be a fun homeschool project. 

*Microscope lab for biology. Celeste is really happy that her science this year includes two labs each week, one of those being a microscope lab. We use Pandia Press R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey. 

*Friday Freewrite. Celeste is using the prompt from the previous week at the Brave Writer blog to do a little free writing. 

*Happy girl after some time at Victoria Park at the end of our homeschool day.

*Microscope lab for science, another photo from the same day. We looked at a printed piece of paper, focusing on one letter. She recorded and made a sketch of her observations. 

*Sketch Tuesday. The prompt this week was something from the kitchen drawer. 

The beach photo at the centre of the mosaic was taken during our time at the beach with other homeschool families. It was a perfect afternoon, playtime for the kids and talking for the parents! 

On Tuesday, we started back our routine of Poetry Tea Time. It was so wonderful to read poetry and have our tea together again. Celeste kept asking for more poems! I will share some of the books we are reading from this year very soon in a separate post. 

Celeste and I are happy to be back to our routine and learning together. Learning happens all year long, but dedicating some time to learn with the help of curriculum and interesting resources works for us as well. 

She requested we take a photo of the two of us. So here we are saying hello and hope you had a great week too, wherever you are! 

I am linking this post to the 6th annual "not" back to school blog hop. You can see many more homeschool parents writing about their experiences at the iHomeschool Network. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Documented Life Project ~ Week 35

The challenge for week 35 was to "draw, sketch, paint, doodle a face or cut out and alter one from a book or magazine". 

I worked on this face last night. I am not quite sure why one eye ended up being smaller than the other...but I like her anyway. I gave her grey and brown hair and did the background a bright green mixed with a little yellow. I used acrylic paints. The black sharpie was used for outlining. 

Check out all the challenges at Art to the 5th.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Documented Life Project ~ Weeks 32, 33, 34

A few more weeks completed in the documented life project! 

I was not inspired by week 33's prompt of using under paper since I don't use one. Instead, I used a drawing I had started weeks before. All it needed was colour, I used watercolour pencils and a black sharpie to outline. 

This pretty bird was inspired by a drawing I saw on Pinterest:

Week 32 was a fun prompt: "Add a fortune from a fortune cookie". I decided to draw a ladybug because they are a symbol of good fortune. I added a small piece of paper from a fortune cookie I had saved "good health will be yours for a long time". I also wrote another quote I liked on the back of the drawing: "What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen" from H.D. Thoreau. 

I used acrylic paints for this page, a little bit watered down for the background. 

Week 34 prompt was to fill the page with numbers. I added a few all over the page, added circles around each and then wrote in the background about the meaning of each. I then painted with acrylic orange paint over the background and watercolour pencils over the numbers. 

If you are curious about this project, you can visit Art to the 5th for information and all the weeks' prompts.