Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekly Homeschool Report + Friday Link ♥

This past week seemed to have flown by! 

Celeste and I had a three full days of homeschool, one full day of learning at the pet store, and today is a P.D. Day. 

Having two children in public school means that Celeste and I usually take the P.D. days off. Today, my oldest and I went to see the new Hunger Games movie, Mocking Jay part 1. We both really enjoyed it! I need to re-read the trilogy again. From what I remember, the movie was quite close to the book...

Here are the highlights of our homeschool week:

"An Unknown Galaxy" by Celeste & Alex.
We continued learning about the universe in science, in particular galaxies. Celeste learned a bit more about taking good notes from what she reads. We also added more dates to our science timeline, copied more definitions, and she worked on her types of stars memory work.  

Homeschooling often involves one of our cats. Clara loves being in the middle of the action!

One of the activities in science was an art project. The final work is the first photo of this post. Even though Celeste was not too interested at first, she ended up loving the process and the finished project. 

She painted the black background first with acrylic paint, then we both worked on the planets. It is an imaginary galaxy, we chose colours that we felt like trying with the chalk pastels. The last step was to add "stars" by doing some splatter painting onto the black, before gluing the planets on. It was a little messy and we loved every minute of it. I am linking the tutorial at the bottom of this post. 

In history, we learned about the 100 Years War, the Black Death and other diseases in the Middle Ages. We read a fun and informative book about diseases in Tudor Times. It was called "You Wouldn't Want to be Sick in the 16th Century!". There are many other titles like these in the series. 

Celeste and I also took turns shaking a jar half filled with whipping cream until it turned to butter, just like they would have made in the Middle Ages. They might have used a butter churner, but she was happy making it this way. We also made an envelope, the way they would have made back then. 

Homemade Butter! 

Math was completed this week, as well as spelling, and as usual a lot of reading! Celeste also wrote a little bit more for her NaNoWriMo novel. 

Yes, our tree is already up...Celeste insisted we start decorating. She also made the paper chain and snowflakes. Celeste wrapped our holiday books this year again. We wrap 24 books, then starting December 1st, we open one a day and read it. 

I used to bring out all our holiday books along with the decorations, but Celeste really likes this is like an advent calendar of books! 

Poetry tea time was a quick one this week, but still lovely. We each had our own tea pots, and just a small snack of crackers. We added a collection of ballet stories to our reading. The first one was Firebird. 

We visited the public library on Wednesday. We have friends that attend the story time, Celeste often reads to them after it. 

We spent some time in nature, even if the wind was chilly. It might seem difficult to leave our cozy warm house, but we always enjoy our time outside in nature.

This week's field trip at the pet store was all about bearded dragons. Since I organized it, and this animal was popular, I set up two sessions. Celeste and I were at both. Each session was very interesting and a little different from each other, mostly because Otis, the almost-full size bearded dragon was a lot more social in the afternoon! 

We finished our homeschool week with a little art study. I try to include art history once a week, and designed a little study for us. This week, we learned about the Baroque Period, and looked at paintings by Caravaggio. We didn't like his religious works as much as this beautiful one: 

Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio (photo from wikipedia)
Here are some interesting links we came across this week:

Planets and Galaxy Project (the art tutorial we did this week) from Deep Space Sparkle

♥ This free printable of the solar system from Hibos is the cutest I have seen! I printed it and we will colour it soon. It will be perfect to review the order of the planets.

Great list of nature documentaries that are awesome for kids, from Kid World Citizen.  
Geography Apps: Real World Tools Engage Kids. Another great list, many we want to check out. 

♥ I loved reading this list: 50 Reasons Homeschooled Kids Love Being Homeschooled from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.  Lots my kids would relate to, I need to share it with them!

♥ After reading Firebird, we searched for a video of the ballet and found this one: 

Have a great weekend! 

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Poetry Tea Time :: Still Loving It!

Celeste and I continue to love our Poetry Tea Time. Every Tuesday, usually shortly after lunch, we prepare our table, tea, and snacks for our tea time. I get our poetry books and set them up. 

When everything is ready and our tea is steeped, I start reading aloud. We usually read a couple of poems from each book. Sometimes Celeste asks for more, and other times she asks me to read the same poem again. 

We both enjoy the poetry, the tea and the snacks. I pause after each poem I read, for potential feedback, but we don't generally discuss or analyse the poems. We just enjoy them, the words, the flow, the imagination the poet had when he or she wrote it. 

We started a new book of collected poems since we finished two of our old ones. 

The National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry has been wonderful. Filled with beautiful photographs and wonderful poems from many great poets like Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Rudyard Kipling, Frank Asch and so many more.  

We continue to read some picture books at the end of our poetry selections, often following a theme like the change of seasons or a holiday like Halloween. 

Whenever I visit thrift stores, I look over their book section in hopes of finding a poetry book. We also borrow books from our local public library. 

September and most of October were really nice, weather wise on the island, so we did not feel like baking much. The snacks were simple. We often had fruit slices, rice cakes, or even popcorn!

Poetry Tea Time has continued to be a great addition to our homeschool routine. We could not imagine stopping it! We have received guests for Poetry Tea Time and been to invited to a friend's house too. It's a great way to spend some time with friends! 

The idea came from Brave Writer, a language arts homeschool curriculum. Poetry Teatimes is a great article to read if you are interested. 

I have compiled a list of all my poetry tea time posts for easy reference.  

I love reading about other homeschool families enjoying poetry teatime. It's great to see friends enjoying this routine! 

My dear friend Cindy from Ontario wrote a wonderful post about it at her Precious Living Stones blog. 

A close homeschool friend, from Prince Edward Island, also wrote a post on her blog Kids, Cookies and Cocoa.  

Another friend, also from here, has been writing about her Poetry Teatime for some time. Her posts always include great book suggestions! You can read Nelleke's posts at Education is a Life. 

It's been wonderful to see other families sharing their photos on Instagram. If you search #poetryteatime, you will see many! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Documented Life Project ~ Week 46

Week 46 prompt for the documented life journal was to include fabric to the page.  

I painted a messy background with acrylic paints, mostly because I didn't want a white page to put my fabric piece on, and also because I felt like playing with colour. The fabric is one I have had for years, I am not sure where it came from but it's one of my favourites! I like the vintage look. 

All the prompts for this year's documented life project can be found at Art to the 5th. 

All my pages for this 2014 project so far are found under the label "documented life project". 

If you are interested in joining the 2015 documented life project, visit the Art to the 5th Academy.   There is also a Facebook group that you can join for the 2015 project.