Sunday, July 20, 2014

Documented Life Project ~ Weeks 27, 28, 29

A few weeks have passed since my last documented life project update! 

My favourite of the last 3 weeks is week 28 with the prompt of "adding an instagram or other tiny photo to your page". 

I enjoyed painting this rainbow page. I used acrylic paints and a black sharpie. I included a reminder of my word for the year "shine" and a recent photo of me.

Celeste joined me and created her own page too. 

I love it when that happens! We sat together at my crowded desk and listened to music while painting. It didn't take a long time but I enjoyed every minute of it. She suggested we do this a few times every week! I am glad she enjoyed it too. 

Week 29's prompt was to make a wish list, to draw or cut up magazines to illustrate. 

I decided to draw and write my wishes in sharpie pen. The first five wishes came quickly, but then I stared at the blank page for a while...I did come up with others and the flow continued. I added watercolour paint over everything. I really liked this prompt and page. 

My least favourite page was week 27. The prompt was to add a crossword puzzle, suduko, or word search. 

I added a crossword found in the newspaper, painted over with acrylic paints and doodled a bit with charcoal pencil. I also added a few words. 

If you would like to find out more about this project, check out Art to the 5th for more information and all the prompts. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Chelton Beach Provincial Park & Delicious Scapes Take Out!

After our visit to Summerside (check it out here!), we headed to Gateway Village just by the Confederation Bridge. We wanted to pick up some delicious fresh local food at Scapes to take to the beach! 

I am so glad we finally made the trip to Scapes! It was SO delicious!! We all loved everything we ate. Everything was fresh and homemade, and made with tasty local ingredients. Check out the menu here. 

Fresh baguette with scapes hummus, pork hand pie with fresh salad, 
arugula salad with goat cheese & almonds. 

Desserts were a must! Raw vegan salted caramel shortbread, gluten-free dairy-free lemon coconut balls, and the most deliciously soft cinnamon bun! 

After our delicious lunch, we headed to Chelton Beach Provincial Park.  This was our first visit and I can honestly say each new beach we visit is so beautiful on Prince Edward Island. 

Chelton Beach is close to the Confederation Bridge and there is a great view of it:

I thought this little crab was really cute: 

It was low tide, the beach went on forever! 

One last photo of the Confederation Bridge:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summerside: Samuel's Coffee House & Spinnakers' Landing

Last week, we went on a little road trip! Our plan was to visit Summerside, then grab some lunch for a picnic at Scapes and head to the Chelton Beach Provincial Park. We did just that, I will share our beach photos and excellent food from Scapes and the beautiful beach (with the Confederation Bridge near it) in a separate blog post. 

Our first stop in Summerside was at Samuel's Coffee House. Next door, in front of The Journal Pioneer office, we noticed a beautiful lighthouse. Celeste and I went to check it out. We discovered that it was part of a series. This particular one is called "Seas the Day" by Jackie Whelan. I really liked the quote written on the bottom part "A lighthouse will guide you home to the beaches where you can roam". 

Samuel's Coffee House was a perfect place to start our day. The atmosphere, the service, and the drinks were all great. I had the chai tea latte made with almond milk, it was tasty! 

We drove around Summerside, along Granville and Central Streets. We then stopped at Spinnakers' Landing

We found another lighthouse there! This one is called "La Lumiere de l'Acadie" (Acadian Light) made by Ecole Evangeline. 

Spinnakers' Landing has a nice assortment of unique shops, very enjoyable to walk around! 

We spent a couple of hours only in Summerside, but we will come again for a visit soon to find all the lighthouse 2014 projects! There are 17 in total throughout the city. You can read more about them here. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Week 26 ~ Documented Life Project

I completely forgot to share this page with you last week! My friend and I met and worked on our journals one rainy afternoon. It was very relaxing and enjoyable to do art with someone else while listening to music and chatting. 

The prompt was to "Add a bible verse that inspires you  - or a line from your favorite book."

I chose a quote from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. My son and I read the book a few months ago, and he just went to see the movie so it was on my mind. I did some acrylic painting and used a stamp too. Just playing around with colours! 

To see all the prompts for the Documented Life Project, visit Art to the 5th.