Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Kettle Black : Black & Blue BBQ + Veggie Burger

My husband and I went out for an early anniversary dinner yesterday to The Kettle Black in Charlottetown. We both wanted to try the burgers there. He wanted to try the Black & Blue BBQ burger for PEI Burger Love and me, the Veggie Burger. 

PEI Burger Love is a month-long yearly event, in April, that celebrates Prince Edward Island beef. Fifty four restaurants are participating this year, sharing their own unique creations with islanders and visitors. 

I think my husband's favourite month is now April.

Black & Blue BBQ ~ PEI Burger Love at The Kettle Black

The Black & Blue BBQ is described as having an 8oz Island beef patty, whipped blue cheese, Kettle Black 142 Glaze, cabbage & fennel slaw, and tarragon sour cream on a warm house bun infused with coffee and chillies. 

Shawn was surprised how much he loved this burger since he is not a fan of blue cheese. The combination of all the flavours were perfect. 

I am a vegetarian, I don't join my husband in his PEI Burger Love fest, so he often brings the burger home just for himself. When we go out though, we try to find a restaurant that also offers a vegetarian burger. 

I noticed Chef Robert Pendergast's tweet at the beginning of the month and knew we had to go visit The Kettle Black. My girls and I love this small cafe restaurant (see here and here).  

from twitter

Veggie Burger

The Veggie Burger at the Kettle Black was absolutely delicious. I was moaning (seriously!) through the whole experience. 

There are many fresh flavours and textures, aioli and red pepper hummus, soaked beans, lentils, spices of Caribbean and Mexican influence, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, and was truly AMAZING. The bun made also in house was the perfect compliment. 

The little potatoes were very tasty and just the right amount to partner with this burger. 

We chatted with Chef Pendergast about his creations after our meal. It is wonderful to listen to someone that loves his art, you could feel his creativity and passion for food. He explained that his veggie burger will be evolving and changing to reflect fresh ingredients. I am looking forward to having this one again. I also want to try other items from his menu...

Not only the food is excellent but we love the look of this place, the open kitchen and the bookshelves filled with cookbooks.

Lastly, but definitely worth mentioning, is the Chai Latte. I get mine made with almond milk and it is truly the best tasting one I have had. 

The photo above is when I was almost finished, but here is one from my ipod, before I had a drink. Mmmm....

You can find The Kettle Black at 98 Water Street in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  

This review is based on my personal experience and I did not receive compensation of any kind for it. I like to share with my readers our adventures.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Insomniacs - Summer Birds - Sophie Scott Goes South :: Book Sharing Monday

This week, we read some great books from our local library! Here are three we wanted to share with you. 

Celeste and I both loved Karina Wolf's debut book The Insomniacs. The art by the Brothers Hilts first prompted me to pick up the book, but the story of the Insomniac family was magical too! Celeste has re-read the book several times. 

The Insomniac family moves to a new home twelve time zones away. The adjustment is a little difficult and they decide to do things differently. They discover the beauty of the world at night. 

"And after work, they moonbathed and watched the fishes nipping at the surface of the sea. They went to the flower market and to the bakery, where the dough rose with the sun." 

We also enjoyed two other stories that are both based on true events. 

Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian by Margarita Engle with pictures by Julie Paschkis is the story of a young girl in the Middle Ages who took the time to observe insects. At that time in history, it was believed that insects were born from mud. She didn't believe that and secretly studied caterpillars and "summer birds". Summer birds was the medieval name for butterflies and moths. 

"I have to catch my insects in secret. Neighbours would accuse me of witchcraft if they knew. Everyone says insects are evil, but I know my summer birds are beautiful and harmless." 

We searched and read more of her story, as well as looked at her beautiful and detailed art: 

Maria Sybilla Merian's image of the stages of an Emperor Moth:Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensis, Plate XI.

Sophie Scott Goes South by Australian author Alison Lester was another book based on true events. Alison Lester shares her own journey to the Antarctic on an icebreaker. 

The story, set up like a journal,  follows Sophie who is nine years old and accompanies her dad, the icebreaker captain, on a voyage to a station in the Antarctic. The book is filled with drawings and photographs. 

If you would like to join in Book Sharing Monday, join in at anytime by sharing books on your blog and let me know by leaving a comment! Thank you and happy reading! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monochromatic ~ Documented Life Project

This past week's prompt was to do a page in monochromatic tones. I did a simple page all in different green tones. I started with painting a watercolour background. I then added some letters I drew and cut from a magazine, and finally I wrote the last of the words in markers. 

To see all the prompts for the Documented Life Project, you can visit here at the Art to the 5th. 

Signs of Spring ~ Crocuses

With a few sunny days and some warmer temperatures, we are starting to believe that spring is truly arriving, finally, on Prince Edward Island! 

One sign of spring are the crocuses in our front garden that have come up. There is still a lot of snow to melt, but it did melt in this small area and we noticed the beautiful purple flowers yesterday afternoon. It was exciting to see! 

The Handbook of Nature Study says:

"The crocus, like the snowdrop, cannot wait for the snow to be off the ground before it pushes up its gay blossoms, and it has thus earned the gratitude of those who are winter weary."

We are definitely grateful for this early sign of spring! 

Celeste and I are hoping our tulips will bloom again this year. We will be watching closely, and likely sharing our excitement with you...

I am linking this post to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Carnival, even if we are a month late for the signs of springs prompt. Nature is different everywhere!