Friday, October 9, 2015

Island Hill Farm ~ An Afternoon with Goats, Rabbits, Alpacas, and more!

Celeste and I have finally visited Island Hill Farm! I have been following Flory's Instagram for a while now and really wanted to take some time to visit her animals. We finally went Friday afternoon with friends. It is much closer to Charlottetown than we thought. If you are visiting the island and are interested in a close encounter with farm animals, I highly recommend it! 

Friendly chickens in their fancy coop with chandelier and handsome Gavin the donkey!

We were able to see many goats, including 6 day old baby goats! We learned more about these baby goats from Flory, the owner and operator. She was wonderful to chat with! 

I was able to hold one of the baby goats and it was the sweetest moment of the day! I could feel her little heartbeat against my arm. She just nestled in and I wanted to just stay there and hold her all day long! 

The goats were a lot of fun. They followed us outside when we went out and were very curious and sweet. It is pretty obvious that these goats are used to people and they are very friendly. 

These alpacas were the softest to touch! I didn't overstay my welcome though, they are known to spit..

We also visited many chickens, a donkey, baby bunnies, two alpacas, and two pot-bellied pigs. There were a couple of barn cats too. 

It was a great time visiting Island Hill Farm and its many farm animals! 

You can find out more about Island Hill Farm on their Facebook page

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekly Journal ~ Poetry + Periscope + Cozyness

Spelling with Sophie 

Our week was filled with cozy moments with lots of reading...which is most weeks for us actually! Here is a quick look over the last few days.

Our homeschool routine is going smoothly, math and spelling is done always first thing in the morning. We usually follow that with our current Brave Writer Arrow read aloud. We had finished the Mysterious Benedict Society last week, so we started Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo this week. So far we are both enjoying this fun story about a squirrel that develops super hero powers and a cynic young girl.

Poetry Tea Time was as sweet as usual with selections from our regular poetry books and a few library picture books. Celeste had picked up many picture books at the library and I have enjoyed several myself, especially the Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress by Christine Baldacchino.  

History was all about Russia and Prussia this week. We learned about Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and more. We finished the week in India, learning about the Raj. We often like to watch Crash Course, I usually try to match up the topic and time period to our studies. 

We read from The Story of Science: Einstein Adds a New Dimension by Joy Hakim, a book I had requested a while back. I read aloud to Celeste the first two chapters. I really enjoy these books (this is the 3rd one) but I am not sure she does...

The Book of Nature Poetry was just released and I had pre-ordered this one since we love the Book of Animal Poetry, also by National Geographic

I took some time to sew this week. Celeste wasn't feeling well on Wednesday, so we took a day off school. She ended up joining me in the studio after resting and made an adorable little bag for her shopkins. 

I started broadcasting on Periscope this week! Periscope is a free app available for apple products and android that lets you see live videos from all over the world! 

I am planning on doing two broadcasts a week. On Mondays, I will talk about homeschool topics and on Fridays about other things, like books I enjoyed or food in general! If you follow me on Periscope, you will get a notification when I start a live broadcast. I will also share on social media. 

This past week, I talked about word games on Monday and bullet journaling on Friday. If you are on Periscope, you can find me at lifeonisland. Broadcasts can be replayed for 24 hours on Periscope after the live event. You can also watch the replay on this link. Even though I am nervous, it's still a lot of fun and the community is wonderful there! I've really enjoyed watching other broadcasts as well, especially Brave Writer. 

I wish you a wonderful Sunday! 

{Note: I have added links throughout the post. The Brave Writer link will bring you to my affiliate store, please consider using it if you are interested in purchasing BW. I would also be very happy to chat with you about the Brave Writer lifestyle if you wish, you can find all my contact information here. I also have an amazon associates store, so the links to the books will be linked with my associate id. Thank you for helping by using these links }

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Yoga in September ~ Unfocused...

Yoga in September was difficult for me. For the first time since I started practicing yoga at the start of this year, I felt out of focus almost all month long. I didn't get to my daily practice for almost half of the month. When I put together my month mosaic, it was very obvious as I only needed 16 squares for my photos. 

I did miss my daily practice a lot and I noticed how it affected my days. I need the practice of daily yoga! So I will get back to my regular routine in October. I could write about the reasons why I didn't get to my daily yoga practice, but it wouldn't make for a very interesting post..the usual busyness of life and not being focused. 

Here are my mosaics for September. 

September Yoga Practice

I participated in two challenges, but dropped the Yoga Basic Mix very early as I couldn't manage so many of the poses for several days in a row. It didn't feel very "basic" to me! 

Basic Yoga Mix 

I also participated in the September of Splits challenge and really enjoyed this one when I did participate. This was another challenge hosted by busybogyogi!

September of Splits

I keep an ongoing list of all my yoga posts so far here. I post my yoga photos on instagram at lifeonislandyoga.

See you in a month! 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Weekly Journal ~ Homeschool + Nature + Beach + Studio Time!

Another week has flown by! 

I'm slowly learning how to balance creating time in my studio with homeschooling. It's important for me to find a good balance. Homeschooling continues to be my focus and I also want to include time to grow my creative business. 

Homeschooling went smoothly this week. We are finding our routine and rhythm. We ended up taking Friday off just because! 

Spelling Practice

Math and spelling is a daily routine. We finished reading The Mysterious Benedict Society for Brave Writer Arrow and Celeste discovered Mr. Benedict's name by solving the puzzle at the end of the story. She also wrote a cute simile poem about our cat Sophie! 

Poetry Tea Time was lovely at our friend's house this week. 

We hosted another Word Games event at the library, which was lots of fun, even if only one family showed up!  

In history, we learned about the Industrial Revolution and also the year of revolutions (1848). Celeste made croissants with a dinner bread recipe found in our History Odyssey guide. In this guide, we read that "when the Ottoman Turks siege of Vienna failed, Vienna bakers invented a new kind of bread in the shape of a crescent. The crescent was a symbol on the Turkish flag". 

We continued to enjoy the Everyday Nature For Families Fall Workshop and did a fun little activity together. I chose a few nature finds around our house and garden, then hid them in a little bag. Celeste had to guess what she was touching. I thought it might be a little too young for her, but she loved it! 

We also returned to the pond nature trail near our house, with Orion and my husband this time. We spent time looking at the birds, flowers, and noticed a beautiful damselfly. 

We spent an afternoon at the beach this week, just Celeste and I. It was a beautiful quiet afternoon. We both read, I wrote a little in my journal, and we looked for special rocks and sea glass together. (see the photo at the top of this post). 

I had a lot of fun in my studio this week. Here are some things I made. A few more little drawstring bags for a friend's birthday. The little boy bow tie I made before inspired me to make little dog bow ties! My husband noticed them and mentioned dog bandanas, so I made three in different sizes. I'll play around with the design a bit more and then maybe add them to my Etsy store! 

Celeste outgrew two of her favourite My Little Pony t-shirts a while ago. We chose one to turn into a tote bag! Celeste chose the fabrics to use with it. It is a long tote bag because of the t-shirt design and not wanting to cut the cute picture, but she loves it anyway! 

This past week, I kept a 168 hours log, inspired by The Way of the Happy Woman book. It's been eye opening for me! I also welcomed autumn and the Mercury retrograde time. I have felt the pull to reflect more, especially while I am busy creating in my studio. 

How was your week? Did you welcome fall in a special way? 

Have a great weekend! 

{Note: I have added links throughout the post. The Brave Writer link will bring you to my affiliate store, please consider using it if you are interested in purchasing BW. I would also be very happy to chat with you about the Brave Writer lifestyle if you wish, you can find all my contact information here. I also have an amazon associates store, so the links to the books will be linked with my associate id. Thank you for helping by using these links, I am a homeschool mom on a mission to help my husband that has supported us fully during the last decade! }